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Our easy to use software allows you to quickly and accurately complete and E-File your Form 5500-EZ.

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IRS Approved Form

Our software uses IRS approved forms. We make the filing process simple and easy.

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We offer quick links and references to IRS filing requirements, so you know your form is accurate.

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Our automated system allows you to generate the form in minutes and E-File within 48 Hours. Get started now.


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Before I found Online5500, I had no idea I had a filing requirement for my solo 401(k) plan. The questions were intuitive and helped me quickly prepare the form. It couldn’t be any easier!

– Nick Burgot

My CPA had no experience completing form 5500, so I was left doing it myself. The IRS instructions were overwhelming and burdensome. The process was simple and the with questions were clear and not too technical.

– Adnan Patel

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